Crash du P-47 Thunderbolt - type D-6-RE - s/n 42-74648 CP*?
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Date Nation Département Unité Macr Mission
18-08-1944 Etats-Unis Eure et Loir 358thFG/367thFS/9thAF 8055 Reconnaissance armée sur Dreux (28)
Localisation Vers Ecrones - 8 km SE Epernon
Circonstances Abattu par chasseurs
Messerschmitt Me109 - Photo du site
vers 14h10
Commentaires Décollage terrain A-28 Pontorson (50)
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Grade Prenom Nom Poste Corps Etat Lieu d'Inhumation Commentaires
2Lt John William Smith Pil USAAF Décédé Keene Cem. Kearney Co, Nebraska USA * O-701816 - 21 ans - Né le 11/12/1922 à Keene, Nebraska USA
* L'astérique placé à la fin d'un lieu d'inhumation indique qu'il est confirmé
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Rapport du Capt Lewis F Sherman:
On this date, I was leading Exhaust Squadron composed of two flight of four on an armed reconnaissance mission. Betwen the towns of Chartres and Rambouillet, we were bounced by 20 plus Me 109's. Red Flight had seem them and called them in and had positioned for attack. I did not hear them call this in as I was on "C" channel attempting to contact the ground controller. All the rest of the flight heard the call and broke into the attack. Red flight had attacked and those they attacked went up and away while 15 hit White flight. White Two, Lt Neas, and White four, Lt Smith, Broke left and down while White three, Lt Alward, broke right and up accross my nose. I looked back and saw 3 Me 109's on my tail and I broke hard right, jettisoning my bomb at the same time. The three enemy planes stayed on my tail, the lead one firing most of the time, while we made eval Lufberry.
While going around, I never noticed at any time anyone from my flight in difficulty, in fact, I saw three separate P-47's firing at various enemy planes. One time around, I saw a plane hit the ground and explode and at the time I tought it was a Me 109, but Lt Neas reported seeing a camouflaged P-47 hit and this was probably the explosion I saw. Lt Smith was flying a camouflaged plane and Lt Alward a silver one. I escaped by ducking into the clouds. Lt Neas hit the deck when attacked by two Me 109's, as he was firing at a third.
It is my belief that Lt Smith and Lt Alward were hit while attacking other planes, since there were so many Jerries that is was virtually impossible to catty out any concerted attack whitout receiving an attack.

Photos stèle sur le site (Lien transmis par Claude Dannau)
Photo tombe sur (Lien transmis par Claude Dannau)

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