The various forms of searches

Every listed crash is recorded on an index card including the identification of the plane, the squadron with which it was connected, the mission, the place and the circumstances of the crash, as well as the list of the crew members.

There are two ways of accessing an index card for a plane: either by the plane itself (date, type, roll, place of crash), or by the name of one of the crew members.
The secondary index cards
From the crashes file, you can go to the technical file (Fiche technique) of the plane, with some photos and different versions of the plane by clicking on technical file of plane (Fiche technique de l'appareil).
This file can be accessed directly from the main menu, in heading Planes files (Fiche Avions).
In this list, the planes only appear if at least one plane of this type crashed.

Another link takes you to the correspondence of the ranks (correspondance de grades). It is, in a way, a converter of ranks between the French and the English, the Americans and the Germans.
Finally, you can find a third link called used Abbreviations (Abréviations utilisées) from the index cards such as decorations, units etc...

You will find regularly an asterisk at the end of the line in the box called place of burial (lieu d'inhumation) : it is simply to indicate that it has been checked with bodies such as the Commonwealth War Graves Commission for the English, or the American Battle Monuments Commission for the Americans.