Crash du P-47 Thunderbolt - type D-20-RE - s/n 42-76366 9Q*?
Fiche France-Crashes 39-45 modifiée le 13-04-2019
Date Nation Département Unité - Mission
29-10-1944 Etats-Unis Ain 371stFG/404thFS/9thAF Vol d'entrainement en patrouille de 2 avions
Localisation 1,5 km SE de Lélex - 90 km SE Dole-Tavaux (39)
Circonstances Au cours de l'exercice, le pilote plonge vers le sol pour une raison inconnue - Explose en arrivant au sol - 12h00
Commentaires Décollage terrain Y-7 Dole/Tavaux (39)
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Grade Prenom Nom Poste Corps Etat Lieu d'Inhumation Commentaires
Capt Harry M Jr Sample Pil USAAF Décédé Fort Sam Houston Nat Cem. San Antonio, Texas USA - N.130 * O-664061 - 27 ans - Né le 04/05/1917 - Texas USA
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Rapport du co-équipier, 1Lt Herbert W Robson (source: Accident Report - AFHRA):
I was slow timing and Captain Sample was flying my wing. The weather was Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited (Plafond et visibilité illimités)CAVU and I navigated to Nantau (Nantua), west of Bourg (en-Bresse) and in the foothills of the Jura mountains.
From this point I flew West a few minutes and then took a northerly heading following a deep canyon. Here I finished my climb and leveled off at 10,000 feet. During the climb out Captain Sample had been flying dress and battle formations, rolling and making gunnery passes at me.
When I gained cruising speed I chandelled to the left and Captain Sample followed. I then pushed my nose down and turned into him in order to get behind him. He immediately half rolled and dove (our speeds had not been great dur to the zoom, etc.). In this dive he made an aileron roll. I did not follow as I was behind him and had the position I wanted. He accelerated very rapidly (I had a set throttle) and dove straight away at about a seventy degree angle. I pulled up a bit to cut him off and watched his descent. No attempt was made to pull out or turn. I saw no change of attitude in the ship. It struck the ground in the same way; exploding in a small area. The sharp angle did not allow the wreckage to scatter. I was unable to call him - expecting a reaction until it was too late. I did not see the canopy jettisoned or any attempt to leave the ship.
The sight was stunning and I felt I could do not good there. I remained in the area a while and finally took up a 330 degree heading which brought me home in about ten (10) minutes flying time. The crash was at 1200 hours. I was on the ground at 1215.

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